13 February 2009

Mushroom Pin Cushion Tutorial

{ Eco Green Job }

I think this pin cushion will be part of green job for our earth. :) It made from bottle cap and some scrap fabrics. I collect a lot of caps, from small size to large size. For this tutorial, I use 1 1/8 inches caps. You can get those caps from water bottles, Coca-Cola bottles or some pop bottles, from regular size to large size. If you use large size caps, you will need to enlarge the size of circle fabric from my pattern. They turns out very beautiful one and use them everyday, if you do sewing. :) They are just so lovely. Once you make one, you will not want to stop making more and more. Let's start it.

+ Scrap fabrics
+ Caps (1 1/8 inches)
+ Polyester fiberfill
+ Permanent Double Sided Tape
+ Thread and Needle

Before you begin to make it, download the patterns file HERE. Then trace and cut out all patterns from light weight cardboard, make templates of all pattern pieces.

Step 1: - Trace Circle 1, Circle 2 and Rectangle shape pattern to fabric. Draw a circle on the middle of 2 3/4 inches diameter circle fabric (Circle 1). This will be the first layer.

Making First Layer
Step2: - Stick permanent double sided tape around outside of cap. Averagely cut the lines along the edge of circle.

Step 3 - Wrap the fabric circle to the cap. This layer is for covering the color of cap so you can use some scrap fabric.

Making 2nd layer

Step4: Turn the two side of edges of rectangle shape fabric 1/4 inches. Iron the edges for easily to handle.

Step 5: Wrap this fabric around the cap, then use two pins to fix the edge for easily to sew along the edge.

Step 6: Along the edge, sew 2nd layer of fabric with first layer. So you will not see the color and texture of the cap.

Step 7: After you done this step, fold the top edge into the cap.

Making mushroom head
Step 8-9:
Run a gathering thread 1/4 inches from raw edge along 4 inches diameter circle fabric (Circle 2).

Step 10:
Stuff with Polyester fiberfill firmly. Pull gathers tightly around the edge and knot. Then along the edge, sew mushroom head and the cap together.

Now you done your "green job" great!! The more caps you collect, the more pin cushion you can make. You can also put them together in a box or basket. They will look great. Or you can glue a magnet on the button of them. Or make a loop to wear it on your wrist. Imaginations are endless!!

You can also make it with your kids. Just use glue gun instead of sewing. Though you still need to make mushroom head for them.

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