21 February 2009

I Hear Bird Singing....

Trying to pick a big snow block

It's February but I hear bird singing this morning. A little weir.... Usually they won't come back so early. Still cold here although it is sunny today. I keep looking where are they but still can't see one.

Many Glacier Park - It is still very deep

I love birds. They are just like a flying angel. I like summer time they build nest under the roof edge. Watching them working. Busy for in and out. It could take me long time to watch them. I know some people don't like it. Sometime they break their nest, try to kick them out, because they are noisy sometimes. I don't care they are noisy at daytime because I know it is sunny shine if they are singing.

Where are you, Bird?

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  1. Terri! Do you want to join the Big Sky Montana Etsy Team? That is the team I belong to and had asked you earlier if you wanted to join...or are you a member and I don't even know it...we have 82 members (or so). Let me know...

    hugs, Judy Elizabeth....made a new lamb today and posted it on Etsy...have about 14 lambs to makes...yikes...I like making one at a time! What have I gotten myself into???? But I do love when they "take shape" and become a whole little lamb!