20 March 2009

A Therapeutic Game A Day

I Love this game site. It is not like usually game. They are so delight and serenity. The entire site gives me such feeling. You should try it. I love to go play them sometimes when I feel bored. Not because nothing to do...Just feel bored, bored. Hop you know what I am talking about ^_________________^. The graphics are so cute. I love their music especially. They put the mild classic music with them. Makes you very relax. Also entertain your mind.

03 March 2009

Bag, Bag, More Bags

Here are more bags!! I have been busy making over them. I re-sized the Eco green bags, the big one. These are smaller. Smaller but still have big room for carrying stuffs for you. I made a small bag for them this time. It turns out more neat and lovely.

I do love bags, boxes and baskets, any sizes, any materials. Just can't stop to make more and more. You also can use them to organize your house. Usually don't worry about get dirty. If so, I will just through into laundry.

These are my favorite fabric - Olivia piglet. She is such a lovely girl. Especially her red dress. There are more will come. They will be posted my Etsy shop later.